2195 SEK

This KB88 is designed to optimize the protection while still being lightweight. 
The Stage piano bag is semi hard, well protective and reinforced even inside the lid. The Stage Piano narrow bag comes with extra internal padded pieces to fit various sizes. NEW! Strap your keyboard stand to the bag using the four d-rings. 
This is simply a really good choice for Yamaha MOX8, CP-4, CP-5, CP-33, CP-50, P-155, P-255, S70-XS, Roland RD-800, 700NX/700GX and FP-7, Nord Stage 88, KORG M3-73 to name a few.

Currently out of stock. Back in stock on April 30.

  • 1444 x 405 x 174 mm inner measures, excl. cushions
  • 25 mm high density foam padding and 4 mm PE board
  • Three wheels
  • Four d-rings to strap your keyboard stand to the bag
  • Extra lifting handles in front and back
  • Two large front accessory pockets
  • Big zip
  • Soft plush lining
  • Made of  water resistant and tear proof Polyester.
  • Color dark gray
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